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April 2, 2006

Shalom from Ben Gurion Airport,

With mixed emotions I am sitting at the airport waiting for our El Al flight to Chicago and then on Continental flight to Kansas City. It maybe 2 months before I get back home in Jerusalem again.

But the Lord has answered many prayers. The meeting I spoke about in the last letter bore fruit as He brought together some of His servants with like hearts and minds. Some connections and visits to Tamar Biblical Park were made that has prospects of bringing lasting blessing to the projects there.

It was another traumatic time in Israel during the elections. Terrorists threats were thwarted or failed to achieve their expected results, while some Israelis stayed away from the poles simply because they didnít know or have confidence in the ones running for election. The Kadima party - a break-off from Likud - got the largest vote, but not enough to govern alone, but will have to form a coalition government with other parties. They have announced that anyone who does not agree to their border plans and land concession cannot be in the government!

On the other side of the present borders, the Palestinian Arabs elected a party whose very name spells terrorism in Hebrew. Now the factions there are not only quarrelling but shooting one another. And lobbing rockets from Gaza to Israel! The disengagement of Israeli homes and businesses in Gaza has not brought any peace. The concept of the Arab leadership for justice is ďJust us!Ē

All this brings to mind a verse in Eccl. 5:8 that says: ďIf you see the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not the matter; for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and they be higher than they.Ē

The translation into English is clumsy and confusing, but the meaning come through that when we see injustices, we should not be depressed with over-concern, because there is a Higher One who is not passive Ö.. The outlook is horrifying, but the up-look strengthens and encourages.

Another very positive occurrence in the Bible Light Jerusalem apartment this week was the beginning of not only guests coming, but tremendous fellowship and discussion that would warm your heart and rock your head with marvelous truths of Godís Word and the sweet congenial fellowship of believers. A week-end ago, I was blessed with the company of 5 women and their singing and praising filled the place. Then this last week end, I was blessed to capacity with the coming of 2 from the States. My good friend, Zev Kedem, joined us from Haifa. Hours and hours of sharing and discussion, bringing loving hearts and minds together.

Now these mixed emotions as I sit Sunday night in the waiting area of Gate 9 to return for maybe 2 months and maybe a visit with you.

I am at a loss for words to describe the wonderful blessings I live through each day here. As you can see that word ďblessedĒ seems to be overworked! Iím overwhelmed with gratitude, but will close here and finish this letter at the office in Ottawa, Kansas where I can hook up to the internet again and mail it to you.

Thank you, thank you for your many encouraging e-mails and for holding me before the Throne of His grace in prayer. It brought results!

                    In His Love,

                  Chris Josephson


April 18th

P.S. - or you might call this a letter and a half! It is now almost two weeks later. There was some difficulty in getting back on DSL here in Ottawa, Ks., but there is another reason for this delay - mainly flight delays from Chicago to Kansas City.

Though I had arrived in Chicago in good shape, I was pressed beyond endurance when my flight to Kansas City was cancelled and rescheduled on a later one that had huge delays all day long. I became ill and felt I could not go on. My U.S. cell was not in operation yet, and I found phoning otherwise difficult. I finally sat down in a wheel chair in the ladies room and a sweet little maid asked me if I needed help. An angel took note!

After having been given mixed directions, Wendell Borrink, my niece Vivianís husband (actually Elmerís niece who also claims me!) came for me, and I spent two days in their tender loving care until I was strong enough to come on. Wendell made all my flight changes and even got the $100 extra charge canceled.

Needless to say it has taken longer than just to get over a jet-lag, and recovery was gradual. But thank God for a healthy body and good nutrition and plenty of sleep - Iím almost up to par now. We are starting to work on the next mailing of the Bible Light on the News. Thanks for your patience and prayers!

You may be interested to know that the dedicated and talented couple taking care of the apartment in Jerusalem while Iím gone, have inaugurated a beautiful website for John Hulley. You may see for yourself at <> I am grateful that I could leave the apartment in good hands.

I hope to hear from you soon. Donít forget that priority time in the Word of the Lord each new day. It brings strength for the rest of the day and for all lifeís journey.