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June 25, 2006

As I write these lines, I have returned to the apartment in Jerusalem I rented for at least a year last February. It is from Jerusalem that the Word of the Lord has – and will – come. We are told this twice in the Bible (Isaiah 2:3 and Micah 4:2).  In addition to our  regular  publication, I am sending e-mail newsletters from here to  many who wish to receive them. In this apartment, also, Jews and Christians meet to study the Bible together without intimidation.

  Now it is summer, but in the Fall, when the weather permits, we will be in full swing in planting the date palms in the desert. (It is too hot there for planting  them  now.) That is Isaiah 35 in action. From the beginning of the Bible Light work in 1957, we have emphasized, as the Apostle James did, to be “doers and not hearers only" of God's Word. That is why we have these special projects that are continuing on long after Elmer's decease and will continue after mine as well.

I want to keep on showing in practical ways the love God  has put in our hearts to our brother Judah. What our friends do to help is vitally important now -- and will press forward -- toward bringing the Kingdom of God on earth.  That is the Kingdom of Love to bless all mankind.

                    In His Love,

                  Chris Josephson