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July 16, 2006

Shalom from Jerusalem,

“For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come and see my glory” (Isaiah 66:18. Please read Isaiah, especially the last chapters - from 48 to 66.)

I think it was Will Rogers who quipped, “All I know is what I read in the papers and hear over the radio.” And now we have TV. I must say Fox has done better than expected in reporting what is going on here now. However, living in the midst of the small country called Israel, gives one a sense of living through Bible prophecies daily.

Finally, the world is seeing that Israel, having done all she could possibly do to gain peace with her neighbors, is rewarded only with infiltration, violence, kidnapping and rockets deliberately aimed at civilian targets with the intent of not only killing but traumatizing - and they have been largely successful. I have never seen such distress and fear on faces in Israel. Rockets have reached as far as the Sea of Galilee and Haifa.

Some in the world media seem to take delight in reporting how many Arab civilians - in Gaza and Lebanon - have been killed. When the terrorists live and operate deliberately among the population and use civilian houses to compile, assemble and fire their rockets, what is Israel to do? As I write these lines, the warning has come to all of southern Lebanon population to vacate because the IDF will move in ground forces and locate each place where the Hizbullah is operating. and destroy it.

The Lebanese government is weak and ineffective. They have let Hizbullah not only control the southern region from where most of the attacks come, but none can control the 23 Hizbullah members in the government. There are many wonderful Lebanese people, and you may remember with me the times when Lebanon was a very good neighbor to Israel and they lived in peace. That was when the government was largely run by Christians (in name at least), and Moslem terrorists had no part.

Our US president said today that this is the moment of clarification showing the world who Hizbullah is. The Secretary of State said what has been common knowledge for many years, that Hizbullah is financed by Iran -- and backed by Syria. Not only so, but Iranian trainers have been based in Lebanon teaching Hizbullah how to fire rockets, etc. The rocket that hit Haifa’s train station today, killing 8 workmen and injuring many more, was made in Syria - identified by the multitude of ball bearings inside it that were buried in the bodies of the victims, and made shreds of the metal roofing.

Lies continue to fly as Israel’s enemies accuse her of the very evil they themselves are guilty of. European countries, true to their anti-Jewish bias, keep condemning Israel for “over-reacting.” In the years I have been privileged to live here, I have come to understand that the only language Israel’s enemies understand is strength. The “land for peace” efforts on Israel’s part are interpreted as weakness.

But now the world’s eyes are beginning to open: Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and Southern Lebanon and the haters have crossed over Israel’s internationally recognized borders, killing, destroying and taking captives. Israel is not turning the other cheek now!

Of course, I could go on for pages relating these things you already know. The big news is found in the Book of Books. The prophets over and over again give the same theme and refrain. The Lord will gather all nations and justice will be given according to how the nations have treated His people Israel. He is not gathering them to destroy them. Rather, the time of the ingathering and restoration is the blossoming of redemption for all the world. It’s no wonder that forces of evil are trying to annul that. They won’t succeed!

My training in the Word began during World War II and my teachers told me then, that World War II was not the last war - and that the last war would involve the land of Israel and the Middle East. It looks like we are almost there. Things are happening fast. Is this the time of His “strange” work? His “sudden” work?

What are we to do about it? Yes, “lift up our heads for redemption draws near.” That’s encouraging and strengthening. But not only so, we are to bless God’s people according to the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant, “I will bless them that bless thee; and curse him that curseth thee.” Many years you have heard this and now here we are. The opportunity will pass. We need to seize it now.

The battle against evil is raging and Judah is leading the way - as usual. Israel has said they will not stop until the Hizbullah is driven out of Lebanon for which the Lebanese people will be glad and rejoice. Read Zechariah chapter 11 to see why Lebanon is suffering. She opened her doors to the terrorists - first Arafat and the PLO when they fled Jordan. The world yelled and screamed at Sharon for wanting to do what Israel must do now.

Some Scriptures indicate the USA will “fill the bow” - stand behind Israel militarily with weapons. That has already largely taken place, but now is the day of reckoning, not only of Israel’s enemies but of her friends. May we be true friends.

You may not agree with all my opinions and interpretation of Scriptures, but will you join the “watchmen” and go with Him who will make Jerusalem a praise?

“I have set watchmen upon thy walls, Oh Jerusalem, who will never hold their peace day nor night. You that make mention of the Lord keep not silence and give Him no rest until He establish, until He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth’ (Isaiah 62:6&7).

Again I’ve scraped my notes of personal items I wanted to write to you. Listen, watch, read and pray. These are awesome days.

Please let me hear from you.

                  In His Love - the greatest force of all,

                  Chris Josephson