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July 19, 2006

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Shalom again from Jerusalem,

“On this mountain he will eliminate the veiled faces of all the nations and the masks” [behind which they hide] - (Isaiah 25:7 Stones’ edition, except brackets).

What’s that again? Veils? Masks? Covering-up -- for what reason?

The faces of Moslem women depicts this. It speaks of depressing women’s rights -- and the fact the word “love” is not found in the Koran yells loudly about that culture.

But that culture would get nowhere if it hadn’t been received in the hearts and minds of the Jew-haters world-wide.

You have a right to disagree with me in all this, but it seems to me the covering - “masks and veils” - spoken of by Isaiah, the Prince of Prophets, in the above verse - is beginning to crack open. Israel has been told since her inception to “Give! Give! Give!” And give she has done to the hurt and damage of her own people as we all saw on the TV screen last summer when Gaza was evacuated.

And the reward Israel is receiving today is what is termed, “Mideast Turmoil”. Israel’s enemies who opened the fire will receive reward in kind. As expressed by our friend, Zev Kedem, “Burning hate bounces back.” It results in self-destruction for which we cannot blame the God of Love who sanctifies Life. Are we not in the war of Evil Versus Good? Who will win is determined by God and His people who walk with Him. The promises of a world of peace is found there.

As my late husband, Elmer Josephson (may he rest in peace) often said, “We do not break the Laws of God; we break ourselves over them.” “The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof, because they have transgress the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant, THEREFORE (What is the “therefore” there for?) has the curse devoured….” (Isaiah 24:5).

You want me to quit pounding the pulpit and give you news? OK!

“Is this the start of World War III?” was a headline in yesterday’s Jerusalem Post. The article related that Israeli Knesset (parliament) members were surprised not only at the solidarity and support being shown among key US politicians, but that at least two of them (McCain and Gingrich) had called this Middle East crisis the beginning of World War III and said the US should shoot down planes sending supplies to Hizbullah. This made some Knesset members nervous and said, “Let them send us the money and supplies, we can do the rest ourselves.” Vice Premier Shimon Peres said, “It is not World War III because there are no armies involved.” [However in this technological age, it’s not always armies that fight wars.]

Some MKs, however, felt that it was better that America is taking the crisis seriously than to ignore it entirely. “They said this because they think it will lead to Iran getting involved which they believe will set off World War III,” said MK Benny Elon. “I don’t think they are right that WWIII has started but I understand where they are coming from. I have to agree that there could be an escalation, depending on how strongly we act.”

“It is not even a full-scale war yet, but in theory they are right that Hizbullah is the spearhead of the axis of evil, [those] who are cooperating with Hizbullah,” said another MK. “In a sense it is part of a global conflict. The US has to deal with Iran and Syria.” Premier Olmert’s spokesman downplayed the remarks, saying, “We just want to bring our boys home.”

And every mother in Israel said, “Amen.”

The paper reported many near-hits and complete misses, which some are recognizing as miracles, such as the Haifa woman, Malka Carasenti, 70, who believes the hand of God spared her from the rocket that hit her apartment building, after she found herself cowering for safety in the bathroom with rubble falling around her.

Another headline tells the northern war costs the economy up to NIS 500m a day. (The exchange is in the neighborhood of 4.5 American dollars to the shekel.) Christian tourism has virtually come to a complete stall as the Sea of Galilee area is closed to tourists after Tiberias was hit by rockets from Lebanon.

Closer to my home, this week, was the thwarting of a suicide bomber headed for Zion Square in downtown Jerusalem to kill himself and as many others as possible to win his personal 10 virgins in heaven! What a shock it must be in the hereafter to discover there is no reward in heaven for the culture of death.

There are only two sides - Life or Death.

Which side are we on?

Since I’m writing to you, please send me e-mail addresses of others because I feel the community at large should be informed in a more personal way.

May His Love & Watch Care be over and in you,

                  Chris Josephson