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August 5, 2006

Dear Friends of the Bible’s Light,

“We’ll go through the gates of hell” - words spoken by a media reporter today. He was referring to the declaration by Nasrallah. the leader of Hizbullah in Lebanon, threatening to launch a missile on Tel Aviv. Iran would have to OK that because only an Iranian built missile would reach that far - bringing Iran directly into the war. The reporter was saying if that happened, it would enlarge the war. --- WWIII?

You know this and other news from your daily reports, but where is this war in the Bible? Or is it? And where does America figure into Bible prophecy? How does it affect you and me?

These are questions too vast for one newsletter. God willing, we will continue it next time. But I have been deep in studying some chapters in Ezekiel that seem apropos. I’d like to share some with you.

For now, let us consider only chapters 31 and 32, The setting is at the time of the Babylonian conquest, but Scripture has a wonderful way of being applicable in every age, including ours, as testified by glitches and snatches of un-fulfilled prophecy.

The chapters speak to Egypt and Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. “Egypt” in Bible theology is representative of “this present, evil world.” Egypt in reality is the mother of Arab nations. The present-day conception of Egypt is “a moderate nation” in the Middle East. However, as other “moderate” Arab nations, Egypt’s peoples are divided between peace-lovers that understand the necessity of sanctifying life, and the terrorists who spew hatred in words and deeds to all who do not conform to their theology of death and genocide.

These passages in Ezekiel depict graphically the end results of this culture of death, which is self-destructive. I’d like to type the whole chapters here, but hope you will be interested enough to read them in your Bible and note the terms that denote hell, grave, etc.

  • “nether parts of earth”  31:14, 16 & 18; 32:18 & 24.

  • “descend into the pit” and ”sides of the pit” 31:16; 32:18, 23, 24, 25, 29 & 30

  • “down to hell” and “midst of hell” - 31:16, 17; 32:21 & 27.

And what theme running through these chapters gives us the cause of these judgments portrayed in them?

  • “because thou has lifted up thyself in height…..” 31:10, -- self-aggrandizement, complete lack of humility which cancels all dialogue of reason with other nations that do not join in their hatred.

  • “CAUSE TERROR IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING” -- 32:23, 25, 26, 27.

The final use of the term, ”terror in the land of the living” belongs to God. In chapter 32:32, “For I have caused my terror in the land of the living: and he [“Egypt” - Israel’s enemies] shall be laid in the midst of the uncircumcised [Islam circumcises at the age of 13 - as Ishmael was] with them that are slain with the sword, even Pharaoh and all his multitude saith the Lord GOD.”

What nations, besides “Egypt”, are specifically named as being involved?

  • Edom 32:29. Edom, like Idumea, is sometimes used as a general term for Arab nations. (Isaiah 34:5; Ezekiel 35:15; 36:5)

  • princes of the north and Zidon - 32:30. Zidon, a port city in Lebanon, not far from Israel. (Genesis 49:14) More on this in later chapters of Ezekiel.

Where does the U.S. figure in? If you are interested, we will go into the next chapters of Ezekiel which are both painful and enlightening on the subject.

Is this of any help to you? I’d like to hear. I welcome comments, both pro and con. However, let me suggest that you do not send attachments - for two reasons: To avoid the danger of a virus and because I need to pace my time and save my eyesight from looking so long at the computer monitor. If you have an attachment that you are sure I need and do not know, please copy and paste it in your e-mail. IMPORTANT: I do not send attachments with my e-mails, so if something shows up as an attachment, do not open it

I’m sure, you are grateful as I for our nation standing as well as she does with Israel. You probably heard also that Israel is fighting against the time when the UN will say “Cease fire” because what Israel doesn’t get done, won’t get done by anyone else! Past experience has taught that even the infractures to the UN agreements are not reported by the UN “Peace-keepers”. So right now Israel is busy surrounding the villages she wants to make sure are within the “cease fire” lines. The world should be grateful for Israel fighting this battle so honorably and for the whole world, while Iran’s madman who denies the Holocaust is planning a big one. The earth will be very hot beneath his feet soon, for God meant business when He promised, “I’ll curse him that curseth thee” (Israel) - Genesis 12.

You probably heard also that there are 2300 US volunteers in Israel’s army. One of them was a casualty and buried with great honor at Mt Hertz military cemetery yesterday (across the city west from where I live). A great crowd showed up to comfort the father and mother who were from Philadelphia.

Another bit of news you might not have caught: the young Israelis fighting in Lebanon were children when Israel was there before so they are not acquainted with the land. Many reservists were called up who fought there before. Many of these are from the so-called “West bank settlements”. Therefore, there was a great outcry when the Prime Minister remarked that the war would create momentum for his realignment plan. Why should they fight a war that would cause them to lose their homes?

Let us not be slack in our prayers and standing with Israel any way we can. There are many good Scriptural reasons for this stance.

May you be blessed out of Zion.

          In the Love of our Lord,

              Chris Josephson