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August 9, 2006

Greetings from Jerusalem,

“As the mountains are round about Jerusalem so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth and forever” (Psalm 125:2).

You have read and heard this quoted many times, as I have, and yet just this morning I noticed it doesn’t say the mountains may not be inhabited by the enemy, but that the LORD Himself is round about His people, as the terrain of the mountains are round about Jerusalem.

And there is one mountain in particular - very close to where I live - that has a reputation for evil. In fact it is called, “The Mount of Evil Counsel.” Why? In the first place it was the mountain where Solomon kept his heathen wives. Also by tradition it is where Judas betrayed Jesus - or perhaps where Judas hanged himself. And today? The UN for this area!

Last night I heard some evil coming from that direction. The Arabs of East Jerusalem were boldly demonstrating. Loud explosions - fire crackers, etc. - were filling the air with ear-splitting force and went on for quite some time. Then this was followed by the beating of drums in marching time, symbolizing war. Later I heard quite a lot of siren activities, but I do not know that it was associated with the demonstration. I’m waiting for the newspaper to tell me more, but often news like that doesn’t reach the media - after all, it is not actual killing. But it certainly is a threatening demonstration and intended to bring down the morale of the people. Often that mission is accomplished in many.

But the demonstrations and the “Counsel of evil” cannot replace the great promises of The Almighty as represented in the verse above. It is not a matter of, “Is the Lord on our side?”, but rather, “Are we on the LORD’s side?”

May we all be settled in the Word of the Lord concerning ourselves - knowing who we are - so that we can better fulfill the commandment of love to others.

Hoping to hear from you soon .

                          In His Love, Chris