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Bible Light International

WHAT is it?

Bible Light has its roots in years of study of the Holy Scriptures, and of experience in all the various areas that pertain to our Judeo-Christian heritage. Its actual birth in 1956, (Incorporation in 1957), came after days of fasting and prayer on the part of its leaders. At first it was called "Bible Spotlight" in keeping with the name of the 5 minute daily radio program Elmer Josephson was producing on several radio stations. The name was officially changed to Bible Light in 1965.

BLI is a non-profit religious organization, is not membership structured, but seeks to be what its name implies, a challenging influence for the Biblical roots of our Judeo-Christian heritage.


The Ministry of Bible Light

Bible Light came into being seeking to arouse the Christian evangelical community’s conscience toward the emerging nation of Israel and stimulate expressions of encouragement to the Jewish community in its Zionist aspirations. Bible Light does not seek to be a church or in competition with any assembly of believers, but rather to be an arm outstretched in love to promote bridges of understanding and compassion for all in need.


Regarding Finance:

The Bible Light ministry is supported financially as the Lord lays it on hearts of those who have like concern and faith in the integrity and purposes of the work of Bible Light.

The leadership of Bible Light does not seek to ‘convert Jews’ to Christianity. "Conversion" to a Jew means turning from the faith of their fathers to a false religion, Christendom, that early adopted pagan customs and days, denied the masses the Scriptures bringing on the Dark Ages. We recognize the unique position of Jews in the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:1-3; chapters 15 & 17) and seek to stimulate the deep call of God to the Land of Israel in the heart of every person who is "seed" of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the predicted outpouring of God’s Spirit upon them, and in preparation of the coming (and return) of the Messiah to establish His Kingdom on earth, with the State of Israel in its unique role in world redemption.

Elmer and Chris Josephson
Bible Light’s founder, the late Elmer A. Josephson, with his wife, Chris Josephson, who continues as Director of the Bible Light ministry.

Bible Light seeks to inform Christians in every denominational persuasion of the great debt we owe "the Chosen People", under God, for all the light and knowledge we have of Him; and to give the Biblical basis for Christians to understand the plan and purposes for Israel and her people. The primary reason for misunderstanding - and the cornerstone of Christian anti-Semitism - has been replacement theology which the Scriptures do not support. (Replacement theology claims the Church has replaced Israel in the eyes of God.)

Bible Light was not set up to attract a large following for the founder. His emphasis was upon the Word of God and the Spirit of God, the two agents by which the Almighty reveals, restores and establishes Truth in the earth.


Purposes and Aims

(1) One of the great needs for an organization such as Bible Light, Int’l. was to bridge the gulf between Jews and Christians and to bring about a better understanding of their common heritage.

(2) The need for informing Christians of the great debt they owe the Jewish people under GOD for all the light and the knowledge of GOD there is in the world.

(3) To counteract anti-Semitism by every means possible through media, church services, clubs, public meetings, public forums, periodicals, books, pamphlets, personal contact, etc.

(4) To assist the people and State of Israel in every way possible through the purchase of Israel Bonds; to support the various Jewish institutions that strengthen the State of Israel and that champion the cause of Jewish people in the Diaspora.

(5) With a special concern for the mountain region of Israel, Bible Light helps in the reforestation of Israel. A Memorial Almond Orchard in honor of the founder of the Bible Light Ministry, Elmer Josephson, has been established in a mountain settlement.

(6) To conduct and encourage tour visits to Israel, which benefit the tourist spiritually and educationally and Israel economically.

(7) To share one another’s faith regarding each other’s respective religious convictions on the basis of the love of GOD as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and without compromising one’s stand on the truth of the one great GOD and only SAVIOR.

(8) Above all, to declare to the nations, the gospel of redemption: the consummation through Israel’s final ingathering to the land and ultimate anointing to become the destined "Kingdom of Priests" (Exodus 19:6) to the nations when "the knowledge of the glory of GOD shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea" (Isaiah 11:9).

(9) We recognize the unique position of GOD’S Chosen People in the Everlasting Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:1-3).

(10) To encourage and promote the Return - Aliyah (meaning "to go up"), the immigration to the Land of Promise by all the Tribes of Israel from among the nations, according to the Scriptures of promised redemption.


The Organization

Bible Light began in Wichita, Kansas. Bible Light, Int’l. Headquarters is now located in Ottawa, Kansas: The founder, Rev. Elmer Josephson, passed from this life October 27, 1996. He had appointed his wife, Chris, executive director a few months previously. At the first Board meeting after his death, Chris Josephson was unanimously elected President, and Director. The Board of Directors and Advisors are frequently contacted and every major decision is discussed and voted upon at the Board meetings. BIBLE LIGHT, INT’L., PO Box 370, Ottawa, Kansas 66067-0370. Phone: (785) 242-4150. Fax number: (785) 242-8281. E-mail:

Executive & Advisory Boards:

Chris Josephson, President

Hazel Dean, Secretary

Terry Distin, Treasurer

Zev Kedem

Ruth Newman

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Elmer Josephson with Isser Yehuda and former President Harry Truman
Elmer Josephson with Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Isser Yehuda and former President Harry Truman, -- Muehlebach Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri, July 1964.

"The Lord gave the Word: great was the company of those that published it" (Psalm 68:11).

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